Our Angus-Devon beef is 100% Grass-fed and finished. We manage our herd and pasture health through management-intensive grazing, ensuring that our animals are always on fresh pasture and that our pastures are constantly being fertilized and rejuvenated by manure and back-seeding. Choose a full, half, or quarter cow, depending on your needs!

Red Devon cattle are the oldest cow breed in North America, gain and grow beautifully on a grass-only diet, and are docile and wonderful to work with. Devons also have the thickest hides of any cattle breed, making them particularly hardy and parasite-resistant. ORDER HERE


Our heritage-breed hogs are born on-site and raised on pasture and a variety of sustainably-sourced feeds. Choose a half or whole hog, custom-butchered to your specifications. ORDER HERE


We raise pastured Red Freedom Ranger chickens that free range behind our cows and pigs, reaping the benefits of open pasture as well. Pre-order the number of birds you think you will want for the season. ORDER HERE


Our mixed flock of  Araucana and Rhode Island Red hens will be laying by late spring! Pre-order beautiful brown and blue pastured eggs at a rate of 1 or 2 dozen per week. ORDER HERE


We also offer our CSA members the opportunity to purchase charcuterie shares. The share will consist of a number of different cured meats and offered monthly as products become available over the course of the season. Cured meat products can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years to produce, depending on the product, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner we can get these salumi in the curing room! Additionally, those members who buy a pork share may elect to put a certain amount of their share into charcuterie. ORDER HERE



LXF also produces pickles, krauts, kimchis, and hot sauces- all wonderful accompaniments to our meat products! These will be available as part of members' CSA shares, or at select retail locations in NW Montana. 



Our Black Lather soap is made in-house from homegrown lard and ash and scented with cottonwood buds or lavender grown right here in the Mission Valley.  Bars can be included in your share or pre-ordered in late summer. It's also available at a few stores around the state.